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If You Want to Be Happy …

3 min read Last month I was driving on a lovely stretch of road surrounded by farm fields, trees, sunshine, and blue sky.  There was very little traffic and I wasn’t in a hurry.  I couldn’t help but feel great.  … Continue reading

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Focus on What You Have

2 min read Last month I wrote about my experience creating a gratitude vision board. I mentioned that at one point during the workshop I decided that the board just wasn’t going to happen. I didn’t have the right resources … Continue reading

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Are you excited?

2 min read My 15 year old daughter is always asking me if I am excited about things that are coming up. Even though I am usually looking forward to whatever it is that she is asking about, I can … Continue reading

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Choose to be Happy

2 min read We recently watched a movie called Small Apartments.  It was pretty offbeat but I’m really glad we watched it because at the very end there was a real nugget of wisdom in the form of a man’s advice to his younger brother: … Continue reading

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