I Can’t Know

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Picture of Lisa walking on a curving path

A few days ago I woke up anxious about something.  Given our current COVID-19 state of affairs, I just couldn’t see how a particular scenario was going to turn out well.  I started going down a nasty path in my mind.  Basically catastrophizing.

Then the thought occurred to me that in my wildest dreams I couldn’t have imagined this COVID-19 world that we find ourselves in.  So how could I possibly expect to know the outcome of my worrisome situation.

I can’t know.

It reminded me that I wrote a blog about this very thing – “There are just so many  variables that I can’t even imagine … How limiting to assume that if I can’t imagine it, it’s not possible!”

Now, when I start to get anxious about how things are going to turn out I remind myself that just because I can’t imagine it doesn’t mean it’s not possible.  I think about my experience in the blog and it helps me drop the worry and move forward.  I hope it helps you too.

About Lisa Ivaldi

Lisa loves sharing information that will have a positive impact. InsightClarityGrowth.com is a personal growth blog that uses personal stories and expert theories to share ideas and perspectives. Sometimes looking at things slightly differently can make a huge difference.
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5 Responses to I Can’t Know

  1. This is wonderful. And the picture is beautiful!!

    Always Best Wishes..

    The more deeper and higher we go into the consciousness (beyond the mind) more faith (evidence based Through Practice Only) we develop, more certain we become

    Yours in Classical Yoga Lalit ________________________________

  2. Victoria Coates says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Yes, we can’t know and that too sends me spinning on occasion. Many years ago I adopted a 4 word ‘answer’ that I tailor to the stressor ‘question. For example, when I worried about my children going off somewhere I said ‘May you travel in safety and peace.’ rather than “Oh let me know when you get there. Drive safely because there is a big snowstorm coming…’ etc. etc.
    Because it is the ongoing uncertainty of COVID, I struggled with my ‘answer’ until I remembered that focusing on my desired *outcome* always helps.
    When my COVID anxiety now hits, I repeat : ‘Peace. Health. Integrity. Prosperity.’ and take a few deep breaths.
    I hope you are well, Victoria

  3. Liz Meiering says:

    Ahhhh, the bend in the path…
    and the near horizon…
    and green grass…
    and blue sky

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